Dear rebels & stormtroopers, with only 60 days left until the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens premiere, I can hardly think of anything else but how cool that would. –

I haven’t felt this way since Episode III for which I had waited for 10 years! I loved every single movie!

I held myself to read the spoilers and leaks because you don’t that if you are a real fan. I read only the Dark Empire comics and I think there should be series or something about them. Also there is the Disney issue – will they live up to the standards?
The Memes are just my way of saying “I can’t wait!!”. Hope you like the collection!

At One Point Luke Was The Only Jedi Left
R2d2 On Blue Meth
Add To Cart – Photo:
Batman – Darth Vader – Photo:
Mount Darkside – Photo:
Yoda In High School – Photo:
Block Darth Vader – Photo:
oin The Dark Side, We Have Cookies! – Photo:
Death Star Won Hide & Seek – Photo:
Washington, D.c. – Photo:
The Heating System Is Good – Photo:
es, I Do! – Photo:
Added To Not To Do List – Photo:
Omg Can’t Wait! – Photo:
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