Entertainment at your fingertips, the motto for most of the online streaming websites. It feels weird to think of a time when people used to rent movies from rental stores. Almost feels like we are talking about the stone age.

After the discovery of Netflix and Amazon Prime the world the entertainment industry finally realized the huge potential of the internet. Everyone wanted a piece of the piece of the pie and as an aftermath, various online streaming websites emerged.
Now, most of these websites cater to local tastes and a few popular ones got their hands on some world famous shows, namely Game of Thrones, Westworld and much more.
However, most of these sites offered the same services. There was no creativity and the competition was based solely on the variety of shows and responsiveness of the website.
In comes Chili and along with it brings a host of services the world has yet to see on any other platform. You see, Chili is quite different from usual websites. Its business model is none we have ever seen before and is also quite appealing at the same time. Let’s have a look at how they actually do it:

No browsing fee

A conventional streaming platform requires you to get a subscription at their site, after which you will be given access to their entertainment library. You may not be interested in most of the shows but you have to pay up nonetheless.
Well not anymore. Chili is quite different from your usual platforms. It discards such subscription-based interactions. Instead, you are given free access to roam about the website and take a look at their collection. If something catches your fancy, just go ahead and buy the damn thing. No subscription fees, no fancy cancellations. You like it, it’s yours to keep, provided you pay for it.
And the best part is you don’t waste money on things you have no intention of watching.

See what’s going on around you

It’s fun to hang back with your friends and families and watch a movie or two at home. But what if someone wanted to watch something outside, like in a theatre?
It’s highly unlikely for you to remember which movies are going on in theatres at any given time. Instead of searching online you can just visit Chili and type in your address. The website will locate all theatres in a 100km radius along with a list of the trending shows happening all around.

It’s quick and easy and also saves the results for any similar queries in the future.

The Merchandise store

This particular is a paradise for the hardcore movie and TV show lovers. Many times you come across a show that moves you right from within. You feel so at one with the theme that you may want to keep something as a souvenir for such an experience.
The Merchandise store offers loads of props across all your favorite movies and TV shows. You can buy them for cosplay purposes or just to have a collection of rare and unique stuff. It’s a pretty nice thing to do for your viewers and is something which is appreciated by all of them.