Nowadays you are most likely to see Tom on set in Canada or Kiev shooting a humorous commercial for one of the world’s biggest brands, due to the fact that he recently joined Borax Creative Filmmaking as the head of international productions.

Tom describes the experience of being a young executive as challenging in unconventional ways. In addition to the common struggles of making a production happen: closing a director, securing the location and staying within budget, he describes the situation of giving instructions and criticism to older professionals as delicate.

He says “people can misinterpret when you say what’s on your mind, so I always try to be extra respectful and open to other opinions”.

After all, not very long ago before his work on commercials for companies such as SodaStream, Unilever or Skoda, Tom was a film student at NYU’s Film School. There he initiated his career as both a director and a producer, making films such as “Showtime” and “Red Veil”. He says that “going to NYU taught me as cliche as it sounds how true it is that filmmaking is a collaborative profession as well as exposed me to the importance of supporting female filmmakers”.

Consequently, while at school the success of showcasing his short films in various film festivals has led him to new projects. Most recently Tom co-created with actress Tarin Shalfy a mockumentary vlog short film that approaches cancer with a sense of humor. Tom and Tarin (who’s currently fighting the disease) filmed her “alter ego” while in the hospital and at home showcasing “the dark benefits” of living with the disease, teaching viewers how to take advantage of the situation.

Tom continues working in the entertainment industry as a young professional, going back and forth between commercial and narrative filmmaking trying to lighten the atmosphere around the world.


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