CUPSOGUE PICTURES is pleased to announce Gene Fallaize’s latest film ‘Beneath’,
which stars Lydia Hearst and is co-produced by Lydia Hearst and Adam Southwick.

Production is scheduled to take place in late 2019, with the movie set to be released in late

“Beneath” is a Sci-Fi Thriller that follows Emily Weaver (Hearst) – an independent and
headstrong salvage hunter – on board a single-person submersible searching for the
wreckage of missing airline East675. As a determined Weaver dives to new depths, she
soon discovers that it is what you can’t see that you should be afraid of.

The film, written by Gavin John and Gene Fallaize, stars American actress and supermodel
Lydia Hearst (The Haunting of Sharon Tate, Z Nation). Hearst is co-producer, alongside
Adam Southwick, while Gene Fallaize is the director.

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