The world runs on a complex set of probabilities and essentially, and its ways are intertwined in that fashion, so as to make the window for choices and chances ephemeral, especially compared to the long-lasting outcomes and results of these choices—and gambling is one such perfect example that works and functions in real-world usage.

Be it a soldier’s gamble to compromise his position to carry out said task, or a superhero’s last minute gamble to choose people that need saving, life itself is filled with gambles that have short-term calls and long term effects, and this spreads across all niches of life like poker chips on a playing board. On a similar context of risks and betting, poker is one of the leading paths, and online game sites such as are gateways of gambling in the modern day and age, and a multitude of individuals have succumbed to it, including celebrities. Online games and poker have the addiction factor in common, and albeit it has affected dopamine levels of the right kind of audience, it certainly affects the daily life and activities of a wide spectrum of individuals.

It is a common saying that hyper- and hypo- of anything is bad, and that certainly encroaches on the niches of gambling too. However, some renowned individuals have been victimised by the idea whereas some others have been cautioned by it after undesirable experiences. Nevertheless, here are 5 celebrities who are addicted to gambling.

Dana White

The Kingpin of the MMA business world, Dana White, quite obviously is a major risk-taker, and his gambling prowess is not just confined to the walls of the octagon. He has a rather great reputation to be the winner, insomuch that he has reportedly won over $5Million in a single night of Blackjack. He is not just notorious for booming his UFC business with merchandise and games, but it is also reported that part of that currency dive comes from his gambling money!

Tiger Woods

If controversy and charisma was a graceful conglomeration, Woods would be the epitome of its description. Rightly considered as the greatest to step foot in the golf course, Woods has been a mesmerizing act to watch in and around his arena. However, if morality had a low metric, his virtues would be as impacting as his vices, and gambling is one such example. Woods is known for his major addiction to gambling and has reportedly lost quite the grand in his escapades.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

It seems as though gambling is eerily related to combat sports, considering how every match is a gamble in itself. On that note, it is not a surprise to see the most charismatic boxer of the modern era being subject to such gambling incidents. It has been incessantly reported that Mayweather has built quite the reputation of being a gambler in true sense of the term, often losing the odd million but making exponentially more. Mayweather has also hit the jackpot once and according to reports, has won as much as $10Million in a single day—a true jab in the face of fortune!

Ben Affleck

Bruce Wayne might be the gambler when it comes to balancing life activities and vigilantism, and it certainly was a gamble to challenge the mighty Kryptonian in a face-off, and strangely, that has seeped into the real functional world with Ben Affleck being rather infamous for gambling and being reckless more often than not. In fact, Affleck’s need to gamble became unhealthily addictive, so much so that he was once in rehab to be cleansed of this vice!

Despite his reputation of not being one of the luckiest in the den, Affleck is known for using his composite knowledge, otherwise known as “street smarts” to win quite the many hands, and has successfully managed to win a huge sum in just a matter of days. One can comprehend how well Batman was casted, considering how well Ben Affleck is acquainted with the idea of risks and rewards.

Allen Iverson

Initially hailed as one of the top guns the NBA has to offer, little did the masses know that Allen Iverson ran out of resources because of his gambling debts. His flamboyant NBA career has resulted in him managing to bag home as much as $200 million, but he failed to invest and expand, and started to drown in despair, debt, and daily dose of alcohol. He has even had rather perilous scenarios while playing in casinos resulting in fights with casino employees; and if professional misconduct was not enough, he was also isolated by his friends and his wife. Iverson has also been barred from entering many casinos across the United States due to his misconduct and recklessness—a true example of how gambling ruins lives.

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