There’ll come a time during your search for film industry work in which you have to speak to somebody you do not know.

They have got absolutely no idea who you are, however, you would like to speak with them for information, or for a referral, or perhaps to solicit a position. This can be a delicate balance; you ought not risk appear self-centered or maybe rude and also you need to seem someone they should help.

There’s two conceivable reasons why you will need to call a stranger. Either a friend has referred you to them as well as supplied you their information, or perhaps you might have found their information another manner and you’re simply just calling them without warning.

It isn’t really a good idea to phone at once. Chances are you will disrupt them during work or anything else crucial, and that will immediately put you in their bad books. Additionally, you are giving them a call seeking assistance or support; which will probably be an in depth phone call and it’s improbable are going to be able to do very much without thinking about it first. Therefore, the very first thing to do is to write a letter or email to them outlining who you are and also what you need. That way once you do call up, they will be much better organized and comprehend exactly what the conversation will be regarding.

Exactly how do you write a networking letter?

The key action to take is always to provide some reason why the stranger should even read through the letter, let alone aid you. To begin with, these letters are used to acquire information, suggestions, and contacts, not to find a job. Don’t demand a position, do not send a resume. Asking for information demonstrates initiative, but asking for favours often comes across awkwardly.

Second, ensure the letter is professional. Ensure there are no spelling errors or errors, and if you are mailing a letter via post instead of through email, ensure it’s neatly written, preferably with a word processor rather than by hand. In case you are sending an email, be sure you get rid of any “silly” signatures you might have put in place. Try to have an email address which contains your name, as opposed to using something like ‘fuzzy_fish_89’.

Effectively, mistakes in your correspondence will disqualify you, because they display insufficient attention to detail and a lack of care, two things which are extremely important. Thus just take enough time to really get it right.

Lastly, make sure that when you say you’ll call the person, that you call the person. Ensure that you follow-up and do anything you say, and in case they do agree to meet, avoid being late! Again, it shows insufficient care and attention to detail, and that is exactly what you need to avoid!

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