The world film industry is at a leisurely high production rate, making job opportunity in this area.

What are the prerequisites for joining the cinematography industry. Job factors, education and background are the key challenges when looking into this area.

In the modern era, young adults face a very open choice when entering the employment lane. The youth is targeted by a lot of contrasting views on where they should head in their future. Parents, government, teacher and idols bombard the youths with pressure as to where they should be. “Stay in school”, “work full time”, “Save every penny…” are old pieces of advice that are difficult to apply to the fast moving age that is the early twenty first century. The key is to work to learn, whether it be through Uni, school, work or experience, as long you are earning, the way that is most comfortable for you the money will follow. Thus with a strong education foundation you can make it in any profession and indeed film.

It remains a large question as to how one should go about learning the industry. There are many lines of work in cinematography (video art, sound, post production, sales etc.) and so it’s hard to know where to start learning. It’s what suits you, university will teach you a lot but learn while working will give you a better feel for that line of work, in Australia often neither is considered better. “…without the knowing the rules, you don’t know how to brake them…” post production Bundaberg Channel Ten. While you might consider not learning all the rules and foundations for your trade, It’s near impossible to create a style that works for you when you cant define different from the average. The difficult choice may revolve around opportunity shortage.

Uni is a difficult thing to get into. When trying to enter the arts it’s important to show your best side. Lecturer from the Queensland School of Film advises ” …the industry expects to see your best, if all you have to show that’s you best is 30 seconds of work, give them 30 seconds of work…”. It may be advisable to create a larger portfolio than 30 seconds however. Ring the nearest television station, document people in your surroundings, create a short film or as a general advis to all areas, work with what’s available, at least you’ll have done something productive. Male sure you make a Plan and set goals, if not it’d be like building a house without a wont work.

The world film industry is at a leisurely high production rate, don’t be frightening off by people scaring you off . What are the prerequisites for joining the cinematography industry. This is advice that for the most part can apply to most areas… maybe even investing or writing. I wish all the best.

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