Actress Ana de Armas had the same reaction a lot of us would have about meeting Ryan Gosling, back when she had to audition in front of him before being cast as his girlfriend in the 2017 movie Blade Runner 2049.
“Oh, hell yes I was nervous,” de Armas revealed in the April/May issue of American Airlines’s in-flight magazine, American Way. “I auditioned three times for [the role of] Joi, and the third time, I knew he would be there. I was shaking so badly. They put you in a room together and make you read things, to see how your chemistry is. I wish I had the tape of that meeting.”
Gosling is just one of the many Hollywood heavyweights that de Armas has worked with in the past few years. She’s counted Keanu Reeves as a co-star, too, and says they’re “so close” now. She’s finishing up the thriller Deep Water, with Ben Affleck…
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