Akshay Kumar has continued his incredible philanthropic efforts during the coronavirus by promoting the government’s ‘1 on 1’ initiative to address mental health issues currently being experienced by the pandemic.

Introduced by the Maharashtra government and the BMC, ‘1 on 1’ is a scheme aimed at encouraging people to seek help during this difficult period. Through the given helpline number, people can contact and speak one to one with a mental health professional and share their concerns, fears, anxieties and ask any other questions at a time in which many may not have anyone they feel they can turn to.

Akshay Kumar, who has lent his support along with other stars such as Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgn, encouraged people to contact the number to help clear their minds

Sharing with his 34M followers, the Sooryavanshi star, posted:

“Put your distress to rest. The government of Maharashtra, BMC and Mpower 1on1 have created a free helpline to ensure that you don’t feel alone. Call 1800-120-820-050 to speak to a mental health professional. #LetsTalk1on1.”

Akshay Kumar has been a leading light in the fight against the coronavirus since its outbreak and has been instrumental in helping raise awareness and inspire others. This includes an incredible donation of Rs 25 cr from his own personal savings to Prime Minister Modi’s relief fund to fight COVID-19 which has so far had more than 2,500 confirmed infections and 62 deaths.

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