Plot: Death at Broadcasting House, also known as Death at a Broadcast, is a 1934 British mystery film directed by Reginald Denham and starring Ian Hunter, Austin Trevor, Henry Kendall, and Jack Hawkins.

In the same year, it was made into the film, directed by Reginald Denham, with Ian Hunter (best known as King Richard I in the 1938 Adventures of Robin Hood) as the detective, Donald Wolfit as the murder victim, and Val Gielgud himself as the drama producer, Julian Caird. The film sticks closely to the plot of the book, but is lighter in tone, and capitalizes on the glamour of broadcasting by including a number of cameo appearances by radio stars, among them Hannen Swaffer, Gillie Potter, Elisabeth Welch and Percival Mackey. During the investigation, the detective uses a recording of the radio programme during which the murder occurred, and he refers to the “Blattnerphone”, one of the first sound-recording machines, and one of which had actually been installed at Broadcasting House in March 1932.

Director: Reginald Denham
Cast: Ian Hunter, Austin Trevor
Year: 1934
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Mystery

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