Plot: Sorrell and Son is a 1934 British drama film directed by Jack Raymond and written by Lydia Hayward. The film stars H. B. Warner, Margot Grahame, Peter Penrose, Hugh Williams and Winifred Shotter. It was made by the producer Herbert Wilcox at British and Dominion Elstree Studios. It is based on the 1925 novel of the same title by Warwick Deeping. A silent version had previously been released in 1927, also starring Warner.

The film was released on 29 May 1934, by United Artists. It was actor Louis Hayward’s final English film before relocating to America, where he had a successful acting career for many years.

When Captain Sorrell returns home from the war, his wife Dora leaves him for another man. Despite considerable hardship, the captain devotes his life to bringing up his young son Kit, who becomes the object of his devotion. Eventually, the boy grows up to have a successful career as a doctor, and the captain lives long enough to see him happily married.

Director: Jack Raymond
Cast: H. B. Warner, Margot Grahame
Year: 1934
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Drama

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