That’s the frightening premise of Mem 39, a sci-fi drama series available now on the SVOD website and channel Cideshow.

The show takes place in the year 2039 and explores the feelings, emotions and fears of different characters across the world, all dealing with a strange new virus — called Mem 39 — which is extremely contagious. Only a handful of humans will survive this tragic epidemic. Memory fuels our identities, the most precious part of our lives, and this series explores how people would be reduced to nothing without them. Created, written and directed by Italian-born, Los Angeles-based Andrea Careri, each episode was filmed entirely during the first coronavirus lockdown remotely. Producing the series in this fashion gave actors the opportunity to express their incredible talents and deal with their own fears surrounding Covid-19.

Mem 39 has an international and brilliant cast which includes Spanish actor Claudio Bandini (El Secreto de Puente Viejo, Justos por pecadores), Canadian actor Flo Bors (Pretty for a Whack girl) Italian actors including Carlo Carere of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Distant Vision”, and American actors including Erin Carere of HBO’s “Alabama Snake”, Michelle Arthur (Disaster Artist, Modern Family) and Sammy Anderson (Multiples).

Andrea Careri is also an author who has published three books in this complicated year, all of which reached the Top 5 on Amazon’s Bestseller List for Italy. His first book in English comes out just in time for Christmas, a satire titled “Trump & Mario”. He is currently writing Season Two of Mem 39, already one of the most viewed scripted series on Cideshow.

Cideshow, whose moniker is “The Most Fun Streaming Service on Earth,” was founded by the talented Chris Blair and recently expanded beyond North America with a worldwide launch.

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