This Valentine’s Day, block your calendars to indulge in the most unique and lavish modern Indian weddings with heart-touching stories, unbelievably beautiful clothes and breathtaking locations. Your dream wedding Pinterest board is now coming to life with Netflix’s reality series, The Big Day. After all, weddings are the happiest and most important days of a couple’s lives and there’s so much that goes into creating the perfect setting to celebrate the union of two souls in love.

And what could be better than the day and month of love, to showcase these beautiful magical stories to the world. The festivities kicked off today with the trailer launch that gave a glimpse of the first collection of the series (second collection to follow soon) inviting audiences to partake in the unforgettable moments.

And there are plenty of those with stories about modern Indian millennials who do not believe in towing the line. From planning a truly sustainable wedding, which is the need of the hour, to a bride that does not believe in following traditions blindly, the stories would definitely touch a chord.

Produced by Conde Nast India, the two-part collection follows the journeys of 12 different, and differentiated, couples (six couples in each collection), as they take the reins of planning the wedding of their dreams. Join them as they take you behind-the-scenes, navigating their way through an eye-opening list of shenanigans and soul-stirring moments that go into creating the spectacle that is the great Indian wedding. All this with a side of family drama, unique personal struggles, triumphs and much more, to create the most  heartening and lavish real-life weddings that are no less than Bollywood blockbusters.

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