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Top 10 Favorite Movie Endings

  1. The Core: After The Core Of The Earth Retums To Normal: Rebecca And Josh Survived The Mission Then Finally Project Destiny Gets Exposed.

  2. Balto (Animated): Balto Becomes A Hero By Successfully Delivering Medicine To Sick Children (Based On A True Story That Takes Place In The Late 1920’s Alaska)

  3. Anaconda: Terri, Danny And Prof. Cale Survived

  4. Universal Solider: Luc Deveraux (GR44) Defeats Sgt. Scott (GR13)

  5. Miracle: The U.S.A Hockey Team Wins (Just Like In Real Life) ( In Memory Of Coach Herb Brooks)

  6. Total Recall (1990) Quaid Saves Mars But Is It A Dream Or Reality …….You Decide

  7. Bedknobs And Broomsticks; After Chasing The Nazis Away, Former Prof. Browne Joins The Home Guard Then Meanwhile Englantine Price Ends Up Caring For Paul, Carrie And Charlie

  8. A Few Good Men: Jessup Gets Arrested, Dawson And Downey Ended Up Being Found Gulity For Conduct And Finally Gets An Dishonorable Discharge

  9. 2012: Thousands Including Jackson And His Family Survived

  10. Eve Of Destruction: Eve 8 The Android Finally Gets Successfully Deactivated

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