It’s Halloween night and nurse Romina (Lora Burke, Poor Agnes) just wants to relax after a hard day. Suddenly all hell breaks loose when desperate Chris (Nick Smyth) breaks in demanding angry justice for wrongdoing from the past.

The crazed intruder is owed a debt of blood and wants a mystery confession from his hostage. Then, just as suddenly, a band of masked mercenaries invade the house causing even more mayhem.

New alliances will be tested as the occupants struggle to survive a night marked by death. Loaded with guts and gore, here’s the eye-grazing splatter rollercoaster head-on-collision to leave you begging for more.For The Sake Of Vicious was written and directed by Gabriel Carrer (The Demolisher) and Reese Eveneshen (Defective).

Signature Entertainment presents For the Sake of Vicious on Digital Platforms 19th April

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