Head off-road into the African wilderness with Endangered Species, the actionpacked survival thriller from director M.J. Bassett (Rogue, Solomon Kane,

Robert (Philip Winchester), his wife Andi (Rebecca Romijn), teenage daughter Katie, and
young son Toby take a trip to the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Wanting to experience
adventure in the wilderness, they head down a forbidden road to a remote area of the vast
national park without a guide, when a hair-raising encounter with a wild rhino leaves their
car a wreck and the family stranded miles off the main trail.

Under the suffocating African sun, they soon find themselves stalked by hyenas and facing
deadly attacks from leopards, but when they discover a vicious gang of armed poachers
they find that man is the most deadly animal on the savanna…

Blending fast-paced action in a tense eco-thrill ride, director M.J. Bassett explores the
horrors of animal poaching with an empowering message about how ordinary people can
fight back against the devastation inflicted on the natural world.

Starring Rebecca Romijn (X-Men franchise, Star Trek: Discovery), Jerry O’Connell
(Scream 2, Stand by Me), Philip Winchester (Rogue, Thunderbirds) and Michael Johnston
(Teen Wolf). Written and directed by M.J. Bassett.

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