Nine people have been locked down together in a house while trying to shoot a movie. Unknowingly, one of their group is infected with COVID-19. The next three weeks become a life and death struggle for survival with no help from the outside amidst a global pandemic and national chaos.

Director Mitesh Patel says, “We shot HOUSE OF QUARANTINE during the pandemic with a limited cast, location, and limited days. It was a tricky production, but we pulled it off. In the script there was a scene of looting and rioting and during the production, it actually happened right next to where we were filming, and we used some actual footage from these events to give our film that extra layer of authenticity. It was scary, and our cast did an incredible job considering the circumstances surrounding our production. Audiences will completely identify with these characters. It’s an exciting, scary film, and I think we pulled off a really fantastic thriller for our uncertain times.” 

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