The official trailer for British Psychological Thriller, Marooned Awakening, has been released today. This is the first glimpse at the disorientating tale of a boy trapped on his island home. The film stars Murray McArthur (The Northman, Wonka), Tilly Keeper (You, EastEnders), Tim McInnerny (NottingHill, 101 Dalmatians) and new talent Cameron Ashplant.

The picture follows Alex (Ashplant), who is offered a job as a journalist by the National Press editor-in chief (McInnerny). Alex uses this opportunity to escape his island home, a decision contested by his father (McArthur), a grieving fisherman, and also by his longtime girlfriend, Emily (Keeper). Before setting off overseas, Alex embarks on one final investigation to report a local boat accident. But the story doesn’t appear to add up. In searching for answers the young journalist is forced to question his own perception of reality, as it becomes impossible to leave and get out…

Marooned Awakening (2022) Poster

The trailer introduces McInnerny as a source of hope for Young Alex, before presenting a more complex crime taking place on his island home. McArthur’s portrayal of an unstable father is shrouded in mystery as he questions Alex’s sanity, whilst Keeper’s Emily hints at a complex and unexplained second reality, a dimension which shows a more agitated and dishevelled Alex. The Trailer poses more questions than it answers, setting the pace for a thrilling and dramatic mystery.

The audience join Alex on his journey to understanding his confused past and complex present. The producers hope to present unique experiences of rural escapist dreams, telling the story through poetically threaded multi-narratives that upack with unpredictable interpretive twists.

Lead actor Murray McArthur says ‘I’m so excited to share the trailer which showcases the beauty of Guernsey, with some stunning cinematography, and gives you a sense of the darker currents beneath the surface of island-life’ The film is produced by Across the Channel Productions and Ivy Gate Films. It is the narrative debut of the young documentary director, Musaab Mustafa.

Before beginning a festival circuit, Marooned Awakening premieres to a full 400
seat cinema on the 3rd of September 2022.

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