France is in turmoil as a new, naive King finds himself manipulated by the evil Cardinal Richelieu (James Cosmo, Game of Thrones). All that stands between them and victory are the remnants of an elite group who wore loyalty to crown and country.

The Musketeers must stand against the odds in order to foil this deadly plot, and save France from burning. Directed by Bill Thomas (The Adventures of Maid Marian) from a script he co-wrote with Ray Bogdanovich (Now I’ll Sleep) and Dean Lines (Hounded), The Three Musketeers also stars Jake J. Meniani (Peaky Blinders), David O’Mahony (Memorial), Ben Freeman (Emmerdale) and Malachi Pullar-Latchman (Hounded).

Signature Entertainment presents The Three Musketeers on Digital Platforms and DVD 13th March

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