Are you a fan of spine-chilling creatures rising from the dead? Do you love watching mummies come to life after centuries of slumber and wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims?

Then this is the post for you! From classic horror films to modern-day blockbusters, we’ve rounded up the 15 Best Mummy Movies of All Time that will have you on the edge of your seat. So grab some popcorn, turn off all the lights, and prepare to be scared out of your wits as we take you through an epic journey into the world of Ancient Egypt’s most terrifying undead monsters. Let’s get started!

15The Mummy (1932)

Photo: The Mummy (1932)

This classic Universal Pictures film starring Boris Karloff is one of the most iconic mummy movies ever made.

An ancient Egyptian priest named Imhotep is revived when an archaeological expedition finds his mummy and one of the archaeologists accidentally reads an ancient life-giving spell. Imhotep escapes from the field site and searches for the reincarnation of the soul of his lover.