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UFO Film Premiering At Cannes Film Festival Reveals The Vatican’s UFO Secrets!

Photo: God Versus Aliens (2023)/Nub Music - Filmdb.co.uk

Award winning film-maker Mark Christopher Lee states that the publishing of a new guidance on apparitions by the Vatican is paving the way for full disclosure about the UFO phenomena.

Lee adds: “The Vatican has been studying UFOs for decades and even has its own Cardinal appointed to deal with first contact. From my research I believe that this new guidance on apparitions is proof that they know that UFOs are more than just physical crafts from other worlds and that they have a paranormal side to them.”

Lee’s film God Versus Aliens – which is premiering at Cannes Film Festival this week – looks at the role that Vatican has played in keeping the truth hidden from the public and that they are convinced, as are member of the US and UK governments, that UFOs are demonic in origin.

Lee adds: “I have spoken to some UFO researchers who actually believe that the Vatican are collaborating in the cover up with the US military. The fact is the truth may be too scary for it to be revealed which is why we are not seeing full UFO disclosure. We could handle the fact that there is Alien life on other planets, but could we handle life from other dimensions or realms of existence?”

The film also looks at the role that AI will play in the search for extra terrestrial life and features Harvard Professor Avi Loeb who controversially says that Alien AI by bypass humanity altogether and form a bond with our own AI!

God Versus Aliens will be out this Summer on all platforms.

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