Pittsburgh-based production company, Hawk Hill Pictures, secures rights to new locally produced content through its latest acquisition of the high-energy basketball series, Born The Underdog. This dramatic, episodic, series documents the true story of young basketball talents who confront life’s most formidable challenges head-on. It is set to be sold at MIPCOM market in Cannes, France in October in partnership with Princ Films, a leading international Sales Agent.

Photo: Born the Underdog/Hawk Hill Pictures/SLAAM Inc

Born the Underdog is produced by SLAMM Inc and follows its Pittsburgh-based travel team. Set against the backdrop of a high-stakes basketball league where every shot symbolizes resilience and determination, athletes navigate life with no safety net. Their journey unfolds as a testament to their unwavering spirit and the bonds they forge that extend far beyond the basketball court.

This series showcases women’s sports in a new and unique way by bringing the audience courtside,says director Jamal Woodson. “The success of collegiate and professional women’s basketball has brought new opportunities to show the world what female athletes can do.”

We are thrilled to bring this impactful story of hard-earned victories and personal growth to audiences,” says Jen Katzfey, President of Hawk Hill Pictures. The inner struggles and strength of the athletes, how they overcome adversity and build camaraderie make this inspiring journey one not to miss.

The series is expected to be sold to a major broadcast or streaming partner, in addition to worldwide sales.

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