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Laddie (1920)

A society doctor makes his widowed mother pose as his old nurse.

The Rank Outsider (1920)

Plot: A man who was framed for murder returns from Australia to trace his sister's stolen racehorse. Director: Richard Garrick Cast: Gwen Stratford, Cameron Stratford Year: 1920 Country: United...

The Bachelor’s Club (1921)

Plot: A henpeck inherits a fortune and starts a club for women-haters. Director: A.V. Bramble Cast: Ben Field, Ernest Thesiger Year: 1921 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Drama

Mary-Find-the-Gold (1921)

Plot: A sacked clerk's daughter turns dressmaker and is saved from a false charge of theft by her country sweetheart. Director: George Pearson Cast: Betty Balfour, Tom...

The Call of the East (1922)

Plot: In Egypt a man fails to shoot his faithless wife and walks into a sandstorm. Director: Bert Wynne Cast: Warwick Ward, Doris Eaton Year: 1922 Country: United Kingdom Genre:...

If Four Walls Told (1922)

Plot: A man adopts his brother's bastard who inherits when a body is washed ashore with the will. Director: Fred Paul Cast: Lillian Hall-Davis, John Stuart Year: 1922 Country:...

Possession (1922)

Plot: As described in a film magazine, Lord Wheatley (Owen) purchases an island off Turkey and under Turkish rule. Upon arrival, he finds the...

The Truants (1922)

Plot: A knight's son deserts the Foreign Legion to save his wife from a cad. Director: Sinclair Hill Cast: Joan Morgan, George Bellamy Year: 1922 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Drama

The Little Door Into the World (1923)

Plot: A nun saves a dancer from a squire by luring him, then revealing she is his bastard. Director: George Dewhurst Cast: Lawford Davidson, Olaf Hytten Year: 1923 Country:...

Young Lochinvar (1924)

Plot: Young Lochinvar is a 1923 British silent historical drama film directed by W.P. Kellino and starring Owen Nares, Gladys Jennings, and Dick Webb....
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