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Beyond the Dreams of Avarice (1920)

A doctor inherits a fortune, his wife leaves him and he becomes a miser.

Desire (1920)

An ass's skin grants an author's wishes and makes him rich, but it is a dream.

The Hour of Trial (1920)

A barrister is forced to prosecute his neglected wife who has become a shoplifter.

The Lure of Crooning Water (1920)

Plot: A London actress collapses on stage and is sent by her doctor to stay in the country with a farmer and his wife....

Saved from the Sea (1920)

Plot: In Cornwall a cardsharper and his an heir frame a fisherman for the death of their jealous partner. Director: W. P. Kellino Cast: Nora Swinburne, Wallace...

Unmarried (1920)

Plot: A squire's daughter weds a landlord who later falls for her grown-up bastard daughter. Director: Rex Wilson Cast: Gerald du Maurier, Malvina Longfellow Year: 1920 Country: United Kingdom Genre:...

The Black Sheep (1920)

A vamp tries to lure a penniless heir away from a financier's daughter.

The Duchess of Seven Dials (1920)

An ex-music hall star learns his friend's lies caused a Duke to jilt her in 1970.

The House on the Marsh (1920)

A governess unmasks her employer as the leader of a gang of thieves.

The Manchester Man (1920)

Plot: A clerk loves a merchant's daughter who elopes with a crook. Director: Bert Wynne Cast: Hayford Hobbs, Aileen Bagot Year: 1920 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Drama
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