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The Ghost Camera (1933)

Plot: While driving back from a seaside holiday, a young man discovers that a camera has dropped mysteriously into his car. When he develops...

The Black Sheep of Whitehall (1942)

Plot: Director: Basil Dearden Cast: Will Hay, John Mills Year: 1942 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Comedy

It’s Great to Be Young (1956)

Plot: Director: Cyril Frankel Cast: John Mills, Cecil Parker Year: 1956 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Comedy,Musical

Oh! What a Lovely War (1969)

Plot: Director: Richard Attenborough Cast: John Mills, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith Year: 1969 Country: United Kingdom Genre: War,Musical

Doctor’s Orders (1934)

Plot: Doctor's Orders is a 1934 British comedy film directed by by Norman Lee and starring Leslie Fuller, John Mills Marguerite Allan.It was produced...

In Which We Serve (1942)

Plot: Director: David Lean Cast: Noël Coward, John Mills, Bernard Miles Year: 1942 Country: United Kingdom Genre: War

Town on Trial (1957)

Plot: Director: John Guillermin Cast: John Mills, Charles Coburn Year: 1957 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Mystery

Run Wild, Run Free (1969)

Plot: Director: Richard C. Sarafian Cast: John Mills, Mark Lester Year: 1969 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Family

The Lash (1934)

Plot: The Lash is a 1934 British drama film directed by Henry Edwards and starring Lyn Harding, John Mills and Leslie Perrins.It was based...

We Dive at Dawn (1943)

Plot: Director: Anthony Asquith Cast: John Mills, Eric Portman Year: 1943 Country: United Kingdom Genre: War
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