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The Case of Gabriel Perry (1935)

Plot: The Case of Gabriel Perry is a 1935 British crime film directed by Albert de Courville and starring Henry Oscar, Olga Lindo and...

What Men Live By (1939)

Plot: Director: Donald Taylor, Vernon Sewell Cast: Esmond Knight, Eliot Makeham, Olga Lindo Year: 1939 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Drama

When We Are Married (1943)

Plot: Director: Lance Comfort Cast: Sydney Howard, Raymond Huntley, Olga Lindo Year: 1943 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Comedy

Give Me the Stars (1945)

Plot: Director: Maclean Rogers Cast: Leni Lynn, Will Fyffe, Olga Lindo Year: 1945 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Drama

The Phantom Shot (1947)

Plot: Director: Mario Zampi Cast: John Stuart, Olga Lindo Year: 1947 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Mystery

AN INSPECTOR CALLS – Interview with Jane Wenham

When a young girl is found dead an inspector is sent to investigate a prosperous Yorkshire household. It emerges that each member of the...
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