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Poor Things (2023) All Movie Clips

Step into a world where bizarre meets brilliant in Yorgos Lanthimos' latest masterpiece, "Poor Things" (2023). Brace yourself as this star-studded cast, including the...

The Croods: A New Age (2020) – New images

The prehistoric family the Croods are challenged by a rival family the Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved.

The Croods 2: A New Age – Official Trailer (Universal Pictures)

The Croods have survived their fair share of dangers and disasters, from fanged prehistoric beasts to watching their daughter get heart eyes over a...
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Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024) All Movie Clips

After three death-defying adventures defeating world-class villains with his unmatched courage and mad martial arts skills, Po, the Dragon Warrior (Golden Globe nominee Jack...