MUBI unveils trailer & artwork for “Crossing,” a touching narrative by Levan Akin, known for “And Then We Danced.” Delving into themes of identity and unlikely connections, the film is set for a cinematic release in the UK and Ireland on 19 July 2024, promising a heartfelt exploration that resonates across borders and generations.

Watch Crossing (2024) Trailer

What is the movie about?

Lia, a retired school teacher living in Georgia, hears from a young neighbour Achi that her long lost niece Tekla, a transgender woman, has crossed the border into Turkey. Hoping to bring Tekla home after a period of estrangement, Lia travels to Istanbul with the unpredictable Achi to find her.

Photo: Crossing (2024)/Mubi

Exploring the hidden depths of the city, they cross paths with a transgender lawyer called Evrim, who helps them in their search. Humanistic and tender, Akin’s third feature is a heartfelt portrayal of overcoming the degrees of separation that divide us.

Written by Akin, Crossing stars Mzia Arabuli, Lucas Kankava and Deniz Dumanlı, with cinematography from Lisabi Fridell (And Then We Danced), production design by Roger Rosenberg (The Worst Person in the World) and co-edited by Levan Akin and Emma Lagrelius.

Crossing opened the Panorama section at the 2024 Berlinale for its World Premiere in February, where it was awarded the Teddy Prize Jury Award and received its UK Premiere at the BFI Flare Film Festival in March 2024.

About the director: Levan Akın

Levan Akın is a talented filmmaker known for his impactful storytelling and unique directorial style. Hailing from Sweden, Akın gained international recognition with his critically acclaimed film “And Then We Danced,” which was Sweden’s 2019 Academy Award

entry. His work often delves into complex themes of identity, acceptance, and human connections, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Akın’s approach to filmmaking combines emotional depth with visual flair, creating immersive cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impact. Through his storytelling, he navigates personal and societal struggles, shedding light on important issues with sensitivity and authenticity. As a director, Akın continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, establishing himself as a prominent voice in contemporary cinema. His dedication to crafting compelling narratives and his ability to evoke profound emotions make him a respected figure in the film industry.

CROSSING in UK & Ireland cinemas from 19 July 2024, exclusive on MUBI from 30 August 2024.

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