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Her Benny (1920)

A Liverpool slum boy, blamed for a theft, becomes a farmer in Wales and saves the life of his childhood sweetheart.

The Scallywag (1921)

Plot: A Jewish usurer educates a poor heir on the condition he forsakes his poor sweetheart to wed an American heiress. Director: Challis Sanderson Cast: Fred...

The Starlit Garden (1923)

Plot: The Starlit Garden is a 1923 British silent romantic film directed by Guy Newall and starring Newall, Ivy Duke, Lawford Davidson and Mary...

Quinneys (1927)

Plot: Quinneys is a 1927 British romance film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring John Longden, Alma Taylor and Henry Vibart. It is an...

Captivation (1931)

Plot: Director: John Harvel Cast: Betty Stockfeld, Conway Tearle Year: 1931 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Romantic,Comedy

Goodnight, Vienna (1932)

Plot: Goodnight, Vienna is a 1932 British musical film directed by Herbert Wilcox and starring Jack Buchanan, Anna Neagle and Gina Malo. Two lovers...

Lilies of the Field (1934)

Plot: Lilies of the Field (also known as Betty in Mayfair) is a 1934 British romantic comedy film directed by Norman Walker and starring...

The Last Barricade (1938)

Plot: Director: Alex Bryce Cast: Meinhart Maur, Greta Gynt Year: 1938 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Romantic

That Dangerous Age (1949)

Plot: Director: Gregory Ratoff Cast: Myrna Loy, Roger Livesey, Peggy Cummins Year: 1949 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Romantic

Miracle in Soho (1957)

Plot: Director: Julian Amyes Cast: John Gregson, Belinda Lee Year: 1957 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Romantic
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