Matt Dillon (The Outsiders) stars in this tender tale of love’s first promise… and its enduring strength. Dillon plays Jack Duncan, an athletic, hardworking boy from the small town of Noble, Texas. Jack is happy just enjoying himself with the local boys, until he meets Ginny Peterson (Cindy Fisher), the town’s wealthiest young lady.

Despite their obviously different backgrounds, Jack and Ginny fall desperately in love. Even though their parents have forbidden them to meet, Jack and Ginny sneak out, and finally elope, hoping to find happiness far from their hometown. But theirs is a love that falls prey to the sins of their elders – as the intrigue of two families reaches out an angry hand to its innocent victim in this touching, tragic story of youth, love and hope.

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LIAR’S MOON not only celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year, it also cemented Matt Dillon’s status as a leading man in motion pictures (along with Disney’s Tex) after supporting turns in My Bodyguard, Over The Edge and Little Darlings. Along with actress Cindy Fisher (also in her first leading role after supporting turns in Hide in Plain Sight and The Blues Brothers), “Liar’s Moon” features a supporting cast of Hollywood legends including singer / songwriter / actor Hoyt Axton (Gremlins, Heart Like a Wheel), Yvonne DeCarlo (The Ten Commandments, “The Munsters”), Academy Award Nominee Susan Tyrrell (Fat City, Cry Baby), Richard Moll (House, “Night Court”) and Academy Award Winner Broderick Crawford (Born Yesterday, All the King’s Men).

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“Liar’s Moon” not only boasts award winning talent in front of the camera. The classic film also features Academy Award Nominated editor Christopher Greenbury (American Beauty), acclaimed Cinematographer John Hora (Gremlins, Explorers) and producer Don P. Behrns (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, The Unseen).

Released theatrically in 1982 by Crown International Pictures and originally on home video by Vestron Video, “Liar’s Moon” has been long out of circulation. Award Winning filmmaker Richard Schenkman (Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth) has produced some amazing supplemental material for this brand new collector’s edition release that reunites the cast and crew for the first time in decades.

Coming to DVD and Collector’s Edition Blu-ray February 8th 2022

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