His memory has been wiped clean, but he knows one thing for sure — fulfill the mission assigned to him, or his life is in the balance. Carter, the first major Korean movie from Netflix in the second half of 2022, is coming your way on August 5, and it’s all about the titular agent who has to risk his life while figuring out who he is.

Ahead of the premiere, a new teaser trailer and key art whet the audience’s appetite for the film’s wall-to-wall action and tension-filled plot. Directed by Jung Byung-gil, renowned for his adrenaline-pumping action cinematography, Carter stars Joo Won, who has established a strong presence in diverse genres of K-dramas and films. He is depicted in the new teaser key art with a cross engraved on Carter’s head. This, and the tagline “No Memory, One Mission”, will have audiences already questioning Carter’s identity and veiled mission.  

In Carter, Joo Won plays an agent who has to risk his life while figuring out who he is.

The teaser trailer also provides intriguing glimpses into the story, revealing a mysterious voice telling Carter that a lethal bomb installed in his mouth will detonate if he disobeys the command to embark on a special mission. Breathtaking action sequences ensue, ranging from intense physical combat to daredevil airplane stunts.  

Fully packed with non-stop action, Carter will be released exclusively on Netflix on August 5.

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