Blending Irish folklore and musical traditions with nerve-wracking horror, Paul Duane’s masterful debut feature All You Need Is Death is one of the most unique and unsettling films of the year.

A young couple on a journey for dark, forbidden knowledge travel rural Ireland to record and collect songs, believing that the secret to modern alchemy is contained within them. But when they meet an elderly, mysterious woman who sings songs that have never been heard before, they open the door to a powerful, ancient evil.

Watch All You Need is Death (2024) Trailer 

From writer and director Paul Duane (Very Extremely Dangerous, While You Live, Shine), All You Need Is Death stars Olwen Fouéré (The Northman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Charlie Maher, Simone Collins (The Last Duel) and Gary Whelan (Dracula Untold). All You Need Is Death has screened at Beyond Fest, Sitges Film Festival and Glasgow FrightFest.

All You Need Is Death is in cinemas 19 April from Blue Finch Film Releasing

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