Inspired by actual events, the film takes place over the course of 24 hours and recounts the grisly murders that occurred over winter of 1978, when a serial killer attacked multiple victims on an undisclosed college campus. The film, which premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, marks the directorial debut of award-winning actor/producer Devanny Pinn (Frost, The Dawn).

Photo: The Black Mass Poster – Directed by Devanny Pinn and also Starring Nicky Whelan,Jeremy London,Kathleen Kinmont/Jaguar Motion Pictures –

A brutal and unflinching look at a terrifying rampage, The Black Mass takes a new perspective on the tropes of the serial killer biopic, giving voice to the ones who rarely have one: the killer’s victims. Featuring performances by Jeremy London (Mallrats), Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass), Kathleen Kinmont (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers), Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), and Susan Lanier (The Hills Have Eyes).

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The Blu-ray and DVD editions includes extra features, a slideshow, movie trailers and more.

On February 27th, Cleopatra Entertainment brings the chilling true crime drama The Black Mass to Blu-ray and DVD.  

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