Brutal new slasher PETER RAPID gets a relentlessly bloody trailer ahead of its early 2024 release! Directed by S.J. Evans (Dead Of Nite) and written by Adam Stephen Kelly (Nemesis) Peter Rabid is unleashed by leading UK genre production studio SHOGUN FILMS.

Photo: Peter Rabid (2024) – Directed by S.J. Evans and also Starring Guy Henry,Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott/SHOGUN FILMS –

Starring Guy Henry (STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE), Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott (RENEGADES), and Johnny Palmiero (GREEN STREET HOLIGANS) as well as a cast of promising newcomers including Harrison Watson, Kirsty Howe, Madeleine Sidi, Joseph Emms, Harry Walters, Elise Oliviea, Charles Smith and Charlie Bentley. The titular role is played by 6’ 4” man mountain Nick Onsloe.

Watch Peter Rabid (2024) Trailer

What is the movie about?

A group of former schoolfriends reunite in a secluded mansion after the death of one of their former classmates. However, their mourning is cut short as masked maniacs – controlled by a deranged cult – arrive with one intention, to slaughter them all.

Will any of the former school pals survive? Will anything remain of them after Peter Rabid and his insane sister Bedelia are finished?

Do not miss PETER RABID – hitting entertainment platforms – hard – in 2024!

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