45,000 years ago. Six people search for a new home in a brutally inhospitable landscape and when night falls they are stalked by a terrifying enemy

Photo: Out of Darkness – Directed by Andrew Cumming and also Starring Chuku Modu,Kit Young,Safia Oakley-Green/Signature Entertainment – Filmdb.co.uk

Set in the Stone Age, a tight knit tribe of early humans are on a journey to find new land and secure a better future for themselves. As they navigate unknown and treacherous terrain, they realise that something lurks in the darkness. As the group falls victim one-by-one, one young woman stands between the survival of the tribe and their gruesome demise.

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From Scottish director Andrew Cumming in his feature debut, Out of Darkness is written by Ruth Greenberg (Run), produced by Oliver Kassman (Saint Maud), and stars an exciting young British cast including Safia Oakley-Green (Extraordinary), Kit Young (Shadow and Bone), and Chuku Modu (Captain Marvel, The Good Doctor).

Out of Darkness is in cinemas 9 February

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