Get ready to unleash your inner ’90s nostalgia with the most electrifying project of 2024: Lisa Frankenstein! Brace yourself for a behind-the-scenes journey into a world where vivid colors collide, iconic characters come to life, and two powerhouse actors—Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse—team up alongside the enchanting Liza Soberano. Directed by none other than Zelda Williams, this upcoming masterpiece promises to transport us back in time while propelling us into an exciting future.

Join us as we dive headfirst into this vibrant adventure, unraveling the secrets and magic that lie behind the lens of Lisa Frankenstein (2024).

Watch Lisa Frankenstein (2024) Behind the Scenes

The Story

In 1989, a misunderstood teenager has a high school crush — who just happens to be a handsome corpse! After a set of playfully horrific circumstances bring him back to life, the two embark on a murderous journey to find love, happiness…and a few missing body parts along the way.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy,Horror,Romance
Director: Zelda Williams
Writer: Diablo Cody
Stars: Kathryn Newton,Cole Sprouse,Liza Soberano

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