Eureka Entertainment announces the July 23rd release of The Double Crossers, the action-packed thriller from director Jeong Chang-hwa (The Skyhawk, Broken Oath and King Boxer). Produced by Golden Harvest, the film stars South Korean actor and martial artist Shin Il-ryong and features the legendary Sammo Hung (The Magnificent Butcher).

Photo: The Double Crossers (1976)/Eureka Entertainment

Presented on Blu-ray in its worldwide debut from a brand new 2K restoration, the Eureka Classics release will have an initial print run of 2000 copies only (in each territory), and will exclusively feature an O-card slipcase and collector’s booklet.

Photo: The Double Crossers (1976)/Eureka Entertainment

Following his late father’s murder, police officer Detective Lung (Shin) discovers that both of his parents were involved in a smuggling ring – and that his father was killed by its leader, a violent criminal now living in Hong Kong under the name Wang (Chao Hsiung, The One Armed Swordsman).

Photo: The Double Crossers (1976)/Eureka Entertainment

Determined to avenge his father’s death, Lung resigns from the police force to take matters into his own hands. Teaming up with a smuggler who was once a close friend and partner-in-crime to his parents, Chang (Chen Sing, The Chinese Boxer), Lung heads for Hong Kong and sets about drawing Wang into a trap.

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Following in the footsteps of Golden Harvest’s earlier Bruce Lee vehicles, The Double Crossers was made in the years following Lee’s death, when the company was in search of a new generation of martial arts stars.

The Double Crossers on Blu-ray by. Available July 23 in stunning 2K

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