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The Love Story of Aliette Brunton (1924)

Plot: The Love Story of Aliette Brunton is a 1924 British silent romance film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring Isobel Elsom, Henry Victor...

Who Is the Man? (1924)

Plot: Daniel Arnault (Gielgud), an impecunious sculptor, is in love with the beautiful Genevieve (Isobel Elsom). Spurred on by her mercenary and socially ambitious...

The Last Witness (1925)

Plot: The Last Witness is a 1925 British silent crime film directed by Fred Paul and starring Paul, Isobel Elsom, and Stella Arbenina.The screenplay...

The Other Woman (1931)

Plot: The Other Woman is a 1931 British drama film directed by G. B. Samuelson and starring Isobel Elsom, David Hawthorne and Eva Moore....

Illegal (1932)

Plot: Illegal is a 1932 British UK-Protonoir, crime, drama film directed by William C. McGann and starring Isobel Elsom, Ivor Barnard and D.A. Clarke-Smith. It...

The Thirteenth Candle (1933)

Plot: Director: John Daumery Cast: Isobel Elsom, Arthur Maude Year: 1933 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Thriller

The Primrose Path (1934)

Plot: Director: Reginald Denham Cast: Isobel Elsom, Max Adrian Year: 1934 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Romantic

Aunt Rachel (1920)

A jilted aunt refuses to let her niece marry a violinist's nephew.

Nance (1920)

Plot: A gambling squire's mistress inherits a mortgage from her unknown father, and is blackmailed. Director: Albert Ward Cast: Isobel Elsom, James Lindsay Year: 1920 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Drama

For Her Father’s Sake (1921)

Plot: A girl weds a rich man for her father's sake, and then her true love inherits a fortune. Director: Alexander Butler Cast: Owen Nares, Isobel Elsom Year:...
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