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 Laurel and Hardy Movies: Ranking the 10 Greatest Films from Worst to Best

Photo: Helpmates (1932)/Hal Roach Studios - Filmdb.co.uk

Laurel and Hardy are timeless comedy legends whose iconic films have stood the test of time, entertaining audiences for generations. From their slapstick humor to their impeccable timing, this dynamic duo has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

In this article, we will rank the 10 greatest Laurel and Hardy movies, from the least to the best, celebrating their unique brand of comedy brilliance.

List of the 10 best movies from worst to best

10The Bohemian Girl (1936)

Photo: The Bohemian Girl (1936)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

While not their strongest effort, “The Bohemian Girl” showcases Laurel and Hardy’s comedic chemistry in a tale of mistaken identities and hilarious mishaps. Fans of the duo will appreciate their trademark physical comedy and witty banter in this charming film.

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9Our Relations (1936)

Photo: Our Relations (1936)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

In “Our Relations,” Laurel and Hardy play dual roles as themselves and their long-lost sailor twins, leading to a series of uproarious misunderstandings. Their comedic genius shines through in this film, making it a must-watch for fans of classic comedy.

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8Way Out West (1937)

Photo: Way Out West (1937)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

“Way Out West” follows Laurel and Hardy as they travel out west to deliver a deed to a gold mine, encountering trouble along the way. With memorable musical numbers and side-splitting gags, this film is a true gem in the Laurel and Hardy canon.

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7Sons of the Desert (1933)

Photo: Sons of the Desert (1933)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

In “Sons of the Desert,” Laurel and Hardy join a fraternal lodge to attend a convention, leading to a series of comedic escapades. This film highlights the duo’s talent for physical comedy and sharp wit, earning its place as one of their best works.

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6Block-Heads (1938)

Photo: Block-Heads (1938)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

“Block-Heads” finds Laurel and Hardy in the midst of World War I, with hilarity ensuing as they navigate military life. Packed with laugh-out-loud moments and clever wordplay, this film showcases the duo at the peak of their comedic powers.

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5The Music Box (1932)

Photo: The Music Box (1932)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

“The Music Box” is perhaps Laurel and Hardy’s most famous film, featuring the duo as hapless deliverymen tasked with moving a piano up a treacherous flight of stairs. This iconic short film is a masterpiece of physical comedy, earning its place as a classic in cinematic history.

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4Helpmates (1932)

Photo: Helpmates (1932)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

“Helpmates” follows Laurel as he attempts to clean up Hardy’s house before his wife returns, resulting in a series of disastrous yet hilarious mishaps. This short film is a showcase of Laurel and Hardy’s unmatched comedic timing and chemistry, solidifying its status as one of their best works.

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3Tit for Tat (1935)

Photo: Tit for Tat (1935)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

In “Tit for Tat,” Laurel and Hardy reprise their roles as bumbling shop owners caught in a feud with their neighbor. This film is a perfect example of the duo’s ability to turn everyday situations into comedic gold, with standout performances from both actors.

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2Way Out West (1937)

Photo: Way Out West (1937)/Hal Roach Studios – Filmdb.co.uk

“Way Out West” is a fan-favorite Laurel and Hardy film, known for its catchy songs, memorable gags, and heartwarming moments. The duo’s on-screen chemistry is palpable in this Western comedy, making it a timeless classic that continues to delight audiences to this day.

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1The Flying Deuces (1939)

Photo: The Flying Deuces (1939)/Boris Morros Productions – Filmdb.co.uk

Topping our list is “The Flying Deuces,” a hilarious romp that sees Laurel and Hardy join the French Foreign Legion in a misguided attempt to forget their romantic woes. Packed with memorable scenes and classic comedy moments, this film showcases Laurel and Hardy at their very best, solidifying its status as one of their greatest films of all time.

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In conclusion

Delving into the world of Laurel and Hardy’s movies and ranking their 10 greatest films from worst to best is a delightful journey through the timeless charm and comedic brilliance of this iconic duo. Their slapstick humor, impeccable timing, and unmatched on-screen chemistry have solidified their place as comedy legends whose films continue to entertain audiences of all ages.

Whether you’re a devoted fan or new to their work, exploring the magic of Laurel and Hardy’s cinematic legacy is an experience that is sure to leave you laughing and appreciating the enduring artistry of these two comedy geniuses.