Are you a fan of crime and mystery movies? If so, have you watched “Crooked House” (2017)? This movie will take you on a thrilling ride full of twists and turns. With an all-star cast including Glenn Close, Max Irons, and Stefanie Martini, this film is definitely worth watching.

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the plotline and characters to give you our honest review of “Crooked House”. So grab some popcorn and let’s get started!

What is Crooked House (2017) about?

Crooked House (2017) is a crime mystery movie that revolves around the murder of Aristide Leonides, a wealthy Greek businessman. His death sparks an investigation led by Charles Hayward, a private investigator who is also the former lover of Aristide’s granddaughter Sophia.

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As Charles delves deeper into the case, he discovers that everyone in the Leonides family has something to hide. From Lady Edith de Haviland, Aristide’s sister-in-law and longtime confidante to Roger Leonides, his eldest son-in-law who stands to inherit everything upon his death.

Crooked House (2017) is a thrilling tale of murder and intrigue set against the backdrop of high society London in post-World War II era. The stellar cast including Glenn Close as Lady Edith de Haviland, Max Irons as Charles Hayward and Stefanie Martini as Sophia make for compelling viewing from start to finish.

The cast of Crooked House (2017)

The cast of Crooked House (2017) is a star-studded ensemble that brings the story to life. Glenn Close leads the charge as Lady Edith de Haviland, a wealthy and manipulative matriarch who summons private investigator Charles Hayward, played by Max Irons.

Stefanie Martini plays Sophia Leonides, the young and beautiful granddaughter of Lady Edith’s late husband. Her parents are played by Christina Hendricks and Gillian Anderson, both of whom give strong performances in their respective roles.

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Terence Stamp also makes an appearance as Chief Inspector Taverner, providing a formidable obstacle for Charles as he tries to solve the murder case at hand.

Each member of the cast delivers solid performances that add depth to their characters and keep audiences engaged throughout the film. The chemistry between them feels authentic and helps drive home the themes of greed, betrayal, and family dynamics that permeate Crooked House (2017).

The plot of Crooked House (2017)

The plot of Crooked House (2017) revolves around the murder of Aristide Leonides, a wealthy and influential businessman. The story follows Sophia, his granddaughter who engages private investigator Charles Hayward to solve the crime.

As the investigation unfolds, we witness how each member of the family has a motive for killing Aristide. From his wife Brenda’s financial troubles to his son-in-law Roger’s affair with Sophia’s mother Magda; every character seems to be hiding something.

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Adding more complexity is Sophia’s love interest, Charles Hayward. Their chemistry adds an extra layer of intrigue and makes us wonder whether their relationship will get in the way of solving this perplexing case.

While trying to navigate through various suspects and motives, Charles finds himself entangled in a web of secrets that threaten both him and Sophia’s lives.

Crooked House (2017) keeps you on edge till the very end as it unravels one twist after another in its exciting plot.

Crooked House (2017): The good

Crooked House (2017) is a crime mystery film that keeps the audience guessing till the very end. Here are some of the good things about this movie.

Firstly, the cast of Crooked House did an amazing job in bringing their characters to life. Glenn Close, Max Irons, and Stefanie Martini’s performances were especially noteworthy.

Secondly, the cinematography of this film was exceptional. The dark and gloomy mood set by Gilles Paquet-Brenner added to its overall appeal.

Thirdly, as far as character development goes Crooked House did not disappoint at all. Every character had interesting backstories that unfolded gradually throughout the movie making it a thrilling watch for viewers who love suspenseful plotlines.

Without revealing any spoilers let me say that Crooked House boasts one of the most surprising endings I have seen in recent times. It will leave you stunned and keep you talking about it for days on end!

Crooked House (2017): The bad

Crooked House (2017) had some notable flaws that detracted from the overall viewing experience. First and foremost, the pacing of the film was slow and often felt like it dragged on for too long. While this may have been intentional to build suspense, it ultimately made the movie feel tedious at times.

Additionally, while the cast was certainly talented, some of their performances fell flat. Max Irons’ portrayal of Charles Hayward lacked depth and failed to make a strong impression on viewers. Stefanie Martini’s Sophia Leonides also left something to be desired in terms of character development.

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The plot itself was intriguing but suffered from predictability. By halfway through the film, many viewers were able to piece together who the killer was without any major surprises or twists along the way.

While Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s direction had its moments of brilliance, there were also instances where his choices felt heavy-handed or lacking subtlety which diminished certain scenes’ impact.

Crooked House (2017) is an enjoyable watch if you’re a fan of crime mysteries with all-star casts but falls short due to its pacing issues as well as predictable plot developments and uneven performances by some members of its ensemble cast.

Crooked House (2017): The verdict

Crooked House (2017) is a well-crafted murder mystery movie that boasts an impressive cast. The film’s plot is intriguing, and the characters are engaging enough to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

One notable aspect of Crooked House (2017) is its stunning cinematography. Each shot is carefully crafted to enhance the mood, tone, and suspense of the story. From dimly lit hallways to bright garden scenes, each frame adds depth and texture to the narrative.

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The performances of Glenn Close, Max Irons, Stefanie Martini, and other actors are commendable as they bring their respective characters to life with great detail. They help make Crooked House (2017) an enjoyable watch for fans of crime thrillers.

However, one drawback may be that some viewers might find it hard to follow all the twists and turns in this intricate tale without paying close attention throughout.

If you’re looking for a gripping whodunit with beautiful visuals and excellent acting performances from talented actors like Glenn Close and Max Irons as private investigators trying to solve a complex case; then give Crooked House (2017) a try!


To sum up, Crooked House (2017) is a must-watch for anyone who loves crime and mystery movies. The film’s impressive cast brings the story to life in a way that leaves you engaged throughout its entirety. The plot has plenty of twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end.

Gilles Paquet-Brenner did an excellent job directing this adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel. He managed to capture the essence of the story while adding his own unique touch.

Crooked House (2017) is one of those films that keeps you on edge from beginning to end. If you’re looking for something thrilling and suspenseful, then this movie definitely won’t disappoint!

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