Step behind the scenes and into a world where art transcends reality as we unveil the making of “Landscape with Invisible Hand (2023)” – a groundbreaking film that blurs the line between technology and imagination. Get ready to be captivated by enchanting visuals, mind-bending storytelling, and an insight into how this cinematic masterpiece came to life. Join us on this thrilling journey as we dive deep into the fascinating world of filmmaking, offering you a glimpse into what it takes to create true magic on screen.

Whether you’re an avid cinephile or simply a curious soul seeking inspiration, prepare yourself for an experience like no other in our exclusive behind the scenes video – get ready to unravel the mysteries of “Landscape with Invisible Hand.”

Watch Landscape with Invisible Hand (2023) Behind the Scenes Part 2

When an occupying alien species’ bureaucratic rule and advanced technology leaves most of Earth impoverished and unemployed, two teenagers hatch a risky plan to ensure their families’ futures.

Written for the Screen and Directed by: Cory Finley
Based on the Book by: M.T. Anderson
Genres: Sci Fi,Drama
Starring: Asante Blackk, Kylie Rogers and Tiffany Haddish
Produced By Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner
Executive Produced By Brad Pitt, Gabby Shepard, David Kern, M.T. Anderson, Megan Ellison, Tiffany Haddish

Release: 08/18/2023

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