After a brief hiatus due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, the highly anticipated film “Venom 3” has now resumed production. This exciting news was shared by none other than the film’s star, Tom Hardy, through an Instagram post.

Fans of the “Venom” franchise can rest assured that the production is back on track and progressing smoothly. With the strike coming to an end, the cast and crew can now continue bringing this thrilling story to life.

Although details about the plot or specific filming locations have not been disclosed, Hardy’s announcement indicates that the production is officially underway. It’s always an exciting moment for fans when they receive updates like this, as it means that their favorite characters and storylines are being actively worked on.

While there is no official release date for “Venom 3” yet, reports suggest that the film is aiming for a theatrical release in late fall 2024. This will undoubtedly build up anticipation among fans who are eagerly waiting to see the next installment of the popular Venom series.

It’s worth noting that Tom Hardy has been an integral part of the franchise, portraying the title character, Eddie Brock/Venom, with great depth and intensity. His portrayal has garnered praise from both critics and audiences, making him an essential component in the success of the films.

With production back in full swing, fans can expect more updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and perhaps even teasers or trailers in the near future. The team behind “Venom 3” is undoubtedly working hard to deliver another thrilling adventure that will captivate audiences worldwide.

In the meantime, fans can keep themselves engaged by speculating about the possible storyline, new characters, and how the events of the previous films will tie into this third installment. The Venom franchise has already established its unique take on the Marvel universe, and the upcoming film promises to expand on that further.

Overall, the announcement of “Venom 3” resuming production is fantastic news for fans of the franchise. With Tom Hardy leading the way once again, it’s safe to say that audiences can look forward to another exciting and action-packed installment in the Venom series.

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