In the latest update, it has been revealed that Deadpool 3 will feature a new character called Dogpool. This first look at Dogpool has generated a lot of excitement among fans. As for the release date, it has not been confirmed yet, but fans are eagerly waiting for any news regarding the highly anticipated film.

Photo: Deadpool 3 (2024) – Starring Stars Ryan Reynolds,Hugh Jackman,Morena Baccarin/Marvel Studios –

Moving on to Venom 3, there have been some rumors and speculation circulating about the third installment of the Venom franchise. However, no official announcements or details have been released yet. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what direction the story will take and what new adventures await the symbiote.

Photo: Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) – Starring Tom Hardy,Woody Harrelson,Michelle Williams/

As for Shrek 5, there have been some updates regarding the long-awaited sequel. It has been reported that the script for Shrek 5 is currently being worked on and the production is moving forward. While no specific details about the plot or release date have been revealed, it’s great to know that the beloved green ogre will be returning to the big screen in the future.

Photo: Shrek 5 – Starring Mike Myers,Cameron Diaz,Eddie Murphy/

Overall, fans of these franchises have a lot to look forward to. The updates on Deadpool 3, Venom 3, and Shrek 5 have sparked excitement and anticipation among fans worldwide. As more information becomes available, it will be interesting to see how these films develop and what surprises they have in store for audiences.

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