Director Ridley Scott discusses his directing style for filming battle sequences in a brand new Napoleon video for ‘Sony Pictures’ upcoming biographical war drama.

In the video, Scott talks to History Channel’s Dan Snow about shooting Napoleon’s biggest action sequence. The movie is still scheduled to hit theaters on November 22.

What can we know about the movie Napoleon?

“Napoleon” is a highly anticipated historical drama directed by Ridley Scott. The film serves as an origin story for Napoleon Bonaparte, the legendary French military leader who ultimately became a ruthless dictator. It primarily focuses on Napoleon’s rise to power during the French Revolution and his tumultuous relationship with his one true love, Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais.

The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role of Napoleon Bonaparte, bringing his exceptional talent to portray the complex character. Phoenix’s involvement as both the lead actor and producer adds further anticipation to the film. Vanessa Kirby joins the cast as Joséphine, adding depth and emotional complexity to the narrative.

Photo: Napoleon (2023) – Directed by Ridley Scott and also Starring Joaquin Phoenix,Vanessa Kirby,Tahar Rahim/

Ridley Scott, known for his masterful filmmaking and large-scale productions, brings his expertise to “Napoleon.” The film promises to feature stunning visuals and meticulous attention to detail, capturing the grandeur of the era. Viewers can expect captivating cinematography, lavish set designs, and intricate costumes that transport them back to the time period.

“Napoleon” is described as a spectacle-filled action epic, indicating that it will showcase thrilling battle sequences and intense political maneuvering. The film aims to depict Napoleon’s visionary military and political tactics, highlighting his strategic genius and ambition.

While the movie explores the historical events surrounding Napoleon’s rise to power, it also delves into his personal life and his addictive, volatile relationship with Joséphine. This aspect of the story adds a romantic element, allowing audiences to witness the complexities of their love and the impact it had on Napoleon’s journey.

In summary, “Napoleon” presents an intriguing portrayal of one of history’s most iconic figures. With Ridley Scott’s directorial prowess, Joaquin Phoenix‘s exceptional performance, and a talented cast, the film promises to be an immersive and captivating cinematic experience. Audiences can expect a blend of action, romance, and historical drama that brings Napoleon Bonaparte’s story to life on the big screen.

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