The documentary centers on NYC-based conceptual artist David Greg Harth, who embarked on a 20-year project to gather signatures from the most culturally relevant figures of our times in his copy of the Holy Bible.

As this decades-long odyssey ended, NYC filmmaker Pierre Guillet followed Harth over the last year of the project as he raced to get the final signatures to bring this massive undertaking to a close. The Book of Harth is a dissection of not just the art itself but the sacrifices made in the name of art that you won’t soon forget. The Book of Harth won the Best Documentary Feature award at Kevin Smith’s inaugural edition of the Smodcastle Film Festival in 2022, among many other awards.

Featuring interviews with philosopher Noam Chomsky, artist Wim Delvoye, filmmakers Paul Schrader, Kevin Smith, and John Waters, and others.

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Special features

DVD special features include an audio commentary featuring director Pierre Guillet and subject David Greg Harth, and previously deleted scenes with Bruce Springsteen, John Williams, O.J. Simpson, Andrew Cuomo, Stevie Wonder, Michael J. Fox, and Julian Assange

On February 6th, The Book of Harth, a multiple award-winning documentary twenty years in the making, comes to DVD and VOD.

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