Are you a fan of classic horror stories with a modern twist? Do the names Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage send shivers down your spine?

Then you won’t want to miss our behind-the-scenes look at Renfield (2023), the upcoming film that’s sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Join us as we explore how these two talented actors bring Bram Stoker’s legendary character to life, along with all the spooky details that make this movie one worth screaming about. Trust us — it’ll be an experience you won’t soon forget!

The Story

Having grown sick and tired of his centuries as Dracula’s lackey, Renfield finds a new lease on life — and maybe even redemption — when he falls for feisty, perennially angry traffic cop Rebecca Quincy.

Genres: Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Horror
Director: Chris McKay
Writers: Robert Kirkman,Ryan Ridley
Cast: Nicholas Hoult,Nicolas Cage,Awkwafina

Release: 04/14/2023

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