On October 24th, Synapse Films releases director Armando de Ossorio’s 70’s horror shocker Tombs of the Blind Dead in a two-disc Blu-ray Standard Edition. A simple camping trip amongst friends quickly turns bloody as the undead rise from their graves seeking human flesh. The zombies are Knights Templar who were executed long ago for their cannibalistic rituals, and whose eyes were pecked out by crows.

Photo: Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) – Directed by Amando de Ossorio and also Starring Lone Fleming,César Burner,María Elena Arpón/Filmdb.co.uk

Now armed and roaming the area looking for victims, they hunt by sound alone. Synapse is proud to present the first in this Spanish-produced series in both its original uncut Spanish version and the alternate US cut titled The Blind Dead.

The Story

In 13th century Berzano, a legion of knights known as the Templar were executed for conducting black magic rituals and committing human sacrifices in a quest for eternal life. 700 years later, they rise from the dead and attack a group of vacationing college students who visit the remains of their abandoned monastery.

The Special Features

The special features include an audio commentary with horror film historian and author, Troy Howarth; audio commentary with star Lone Fleming; audio commentary with Rod Barnett & Troy Guinn of the NaschyCast podcast; Marauders from the Mediterranean – a feature length documentary exploring the history of the Spanish zombie film, featuring interviews with Night of the Living Dead writer/producer John Russo, Stiges Film Festival deputy director Mike Hostench, and more; Revenge of Planet Ape – an alternate US opening sequence; Awakening of Spanish Horror Cinema – a featurette by film historian Marcus Stiglegger; Salem’s Pop “Templar’s Tears” music video; the original theatrical trailer; a still gallery; and an additional 1080p Blu-ray featuring the alternate US cut entitled The Blind Dead.

Synapse Films Unleashes the Spanish Horror Classic Tombs of the Blind Dead Coming to Blu-ray on October 24th 

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