Set in the iconic Italian neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Omerta: The Act of Silence is a peek inside the operation of the Mafia, at a time when the organization had a firm grip on day-to-day living in the area. The word Omerta describes a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities.

This is the story of 18-year-old Reno who is given a taste of power when he joins the Mob’s system of endearment and enforcement. The neighborhood is kept safe and businesses flourish. But the methods are ruthless and ultimately self-destructive.

Reno quickly learns that pledging his life to the organization is nothing more than becoming a pawn in a deadly game of street chess. As the neighborhood changes and those who have pledged themselves to the crime syndicate move away, Reno is forced to confront the fact that the oaths of loyalty and devotion to one another are nothing but false promises and misplaced trust.

He is forced to confront himself and concludes that he must change his ways. With no friends or family for support, he turns to the local parish priest and confesses his sins as he takes the first steps toward personal renewal. He confesses his sins to the priest. As he reflects on his past, he takes the viewer on a journey through the crimes he has committed and the friends he has lost.

Filmmaker Craig Syracusa, founder of God’s Plan Productions, says, “I made the film to show the power of redemption and forgiveness and that God will meet you where you are and that we are all sinners and through the power of confession we are forgiven. This film is for people who need to build a relationship with Christ but are afraid that God will not forgive them.”

Omerta stars veteran Hollywood actor Joe Estevez and introduces Paulie Malignaggi, the former professional boxer who held the IBF junior welterweight and the WBA welterweight titles.

The cast also includes: Joseph D’ Onofrio, Carmen Argenziano, Cara Castronuova, Adam Nelson, Will Wallace, Gaetano Iacono, and Ceazar Reyes.

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