Director Amanda Kramer’s (Please Baby Please, Ladyworld) Give Me Pity! stars Sophie von Haselberg (Irrational Man, American Crime Story) as an entertainer sucked into a kaleidoscopic nightmare live on a Saturday night TV special. Sissy St. Claire (von Haselberg) graces the small screen for her first ever television special, an evening full of music and laughter, glamour and entertainment!

Photo: Give Me Pity! – Directed by Amanda Kramer and also Starring Sophie von Haselberg,M. Diesel,Cricket Arrison/Bulldog Film Distribution

But Sissy’s live event quickly begins to curdle into a psychedelic horror show of vanity, insecurity and delusional ambition, provoked by the glowering presence of a mysterious masked man. Tune into Give Me Pity! for a compelling, bold and unique work built around a mesmerising star turn from Sophie von Haselberg that needs to be seen to be believed.

Genres: Comdey,Music,Thriller
Director: Amanda Kramer
Writer: Amanda Kramer
Stars: Sophie von Haselberg,M. Diesel,Cricket Arrison

Bulldog Film Distribution presents Give Me Pity! in select cinemas and on demand 10 November

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