Bite is the feature debut of real-life surgeon James Owen, whose 30 years of surgical
experience, detailed knowledge of human dissection and vivid imagination will shock
you in this gory and blood-soaked tale of a crime and cannibalism.

Photo: Bite (2022) – Directed by James Owen and also Starring Jimmy Vee, Jon Campling, Annabelle Lanyon/Bulldog Film Distribution

Pursued by a dangerous criminal after a failed theft, con artists Nina and Yaz get way more than they bargained for when they target a seemingly innocent elderly widow called Beryl.
Incarcerated in a nightmare version of suburbia and consumed with fear, Nina and Yaz find themselves fighting desperately for their lives against Beryl’s family of deranged and hungry psychopaths!

Director: James Owen


Bulldog Film Distribution presents Bite on digital HD 30 October

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